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Your child has been assigned a homeroom teacher and will begin each day in that classroom. Students will change classes for the academic subjects of language arts (reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing), Bible/math, and science/social studies. Homework, projects, quizzes and tests will be coordinated by the team to provide an appropriate balance in time and content. If you have questions specific to an academic area, you may contact that particular subject’s teacher. The homeroom teacher is always available for any concerns or questions you might have as well.

Crafts, parties, and other special events will be enjoyed in the homeroom class.



Class begins at 8:00 a.m. and students should be in class by that
time. The following will be in effect:

3 unexcused tardies = 1 absence

6 unexcused tardies = 2 absences

9 unexcused tardies = 3 absences…..and so on.

Students with absences due to excessive unexcused tardies will not be eligible for perfect attendance awards. The following are instances where an excused tardy will be given for doctor/dentist/orthodontist appointment, car accident, and legal matters.



Every Friday afternoon, please check the 4th grade web site to see updates on information regarding the upcoming week’s assignments, announcements, reminders, and projects due. PLEASE take time to read it for future reference and to avoid missing important information and deadlines.



The following is a list of grading procedures:

  • 12 points will be deducted per day for late papers or projects. On the third day it becomes a ZERO and is to still be completed for the student’s benefit.
  • Points may be deducted in math for no comma, no dollar sign, no decimal point, etc.
  • All textbooks (including the Bible) AND supplies are expected in class EVERY DAY.
  • Papers with a “D” or an “F” will be sent home for a signature. Please return it the next day.
  • If CHEATING occurs, parents will be notified. Possible discipline will be point deductions, a zero given, or a conference with the principal, depending on the circumstance.



Students may have homework every night except Wednesday. Some nights the students will not have written homework, but will need to study and review concepts taught that week. Please assist your child by having a thirty minute to one hour structured study time each evening. The student will receive a conduct report for not being prepared for class. Homework will be checked to make sure it was completed correctly and that the concept is understood. It is due to the teacher at the start of the day or class. Graded homework that is one day late will receive a 12 point penalty. On the second day late it will be assessed a 24 point penalty. It becomes a zero by the 3rd day. Homework should be completed neatly and on appropriate paper when not completed in a book. **Please see 4TH Grade Classroom Management section at the end of this packet for more information.**



Students will be instructed to copy homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and other due dates into the agenda. It is the student’s responsibility to accurately and completely write this information and to check it at home to make sure the assignment is completed according to direction. You will also find tests and quizzes listed on the web site calendar.



Information regarding the lunch program is provided by the school office. Our lunch time is scheduled for 12:10 – 12:40. Lunchroom microwaves are not available for student use. Candy, sodas and/or carbonated drinks are not allowed for lunch. Please remember to include utensils with your child’s lunch/snack when needed. We eat in the gymnasium and space is limited. You may join your child for lunch and may eat at the pavilion if seating is not available in the lunch room.



Please email us when your child is out. If they are sick carbon copy the email to our school nurse at and also to Mrs. Welch in the office at Thank you for helping us with this.

When a student is absent due to illness they will have two days for every day absent to make up their work. It is their responsibility to get their work from each teacher and return it on time.

Please note: Per our student handbook policy - If the absence is planned due to family travel or functions, work must be made up within the period of one day for each day of absence. Students will not receive work prior to any planned absences. Upon returning to school, students will be given all work to be made up.




Papers will be sent home every Friday in your child’s HCA lion folder. The academic papers and folder should be returned to school on Monday (or the next school day). Students will file the graded papers in their expandable file behind the proper subject tabs. These papers will be kept in the expandable file for future reference and removed at the end of each trimester.




Your child will keep his/her current work in their zippered binder. While we encourage parents to look over papers in the binder, PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANY WORK.




  1. The students will be using the New King James version Bible in class which corresponds with our Bible curriculum. Memory verses will be taken from the New King James version.The


  1. We will have a fruit/healthy snack each morning. This needs to be simple and quick. Please remember to include utensils as needed.


  1. Anytime your child rides with someone other than the usual carpool, a note must be provided or send in the information through email to your child’s homeroom teacher and Mrs. Angie Welch ( These should be turned in early to allow the office time to verify the information.


  1. Contact the homeroom teacher if you want to bring in “goodies” for your child’s birthday. This will need to take place back in the classroom following our lunch time or during recess. Please do not send in birthday invitations unless it is for the whole class, or all boys / all girls. Thank you for helping us with this.


      5. If something needs to be dropped off for your child please do so in the office. We know that it seems easier to stop by the classroom,

          but it causes interruptions to the lesson in progress. With the departmentalized instruction, your child might not be in their  

          homeroom class at that particular time. 


6. When checking your child in late or checking them out early during school hours, please go through the office so your child can be   admitted to class with a pass or be checked out properly. Once you have signed them out, you may pull around to the gravel parking lot. Your child will wait at the back door until they see you pull around. They will come back to their homeroom and let the teacherknow that you are there. Early check-outs must be checked out no later than 2:30. If at all possible please make all appointments for your child in the late afternoon so they do not miss academic instruction. Recess begins at 2:20.


 7. If your child must have a cell phone at school, it must be turned off and kept in book bag. Also, no IPODS, CD players, hand held games, etc. unless specified by the teacher for a certain reward time.


8.  Girls should not wear or bring makeup to school. Be cautious of jewelry. Anything that is distracting to the learning environment will be put in the book bag for the day.





Bible - Daily – 40%

Tests – 60%


Math - Daily / homework – 30%

Quizzes – 30 %

Tests – 40%


Science - Daily / homework – 30%

Quizzes – 30%

Tests – 40%


Social Studies – Daily / homework – 30%

Quizzes – 30%

Tests – 40%


Language/grammar- Daily/homework – 30%

Quizzes – 30%

Tests –40%


Spelling/vocab - Daily/homework – 40%

Tests – 60%


Reading and Writing: Based on a point system: 5=E / 4=S / 3=N / 2-1=U

H=Having Difficulty




In order to make the most of our class time, students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner. Basic classroom rules of obedience, listening, being prepared and respect are to be practiced at all times. The following classroom management plan has been developed to encourage students to do their best academically and behaviorally with the goal of teaching your child accountability, responsibility, and integrity.


Conduct report will be given for:

  • Talking without permission
  • Not following directions (including written assignments)
  • Disobedience
  • Lack of self-control
  • Not working or not staying on task
  • Out of seat without permission
  • Disrespect to teachers or other students
  • Being unprepared for class – Each day the student is expected to have the necessary books and school supplies in class and at their desk. When a student does not have the supplies / books / completed homework at the beginning of the day or class, an “unprepared for class” mark will be given.


A conduct report will be sent home that day. It will reflect any behavioral issues and/or areas showing a lack of responsibility. Please sign and return it the next day. The report will also indicate the disciplinary action that was/will be taken.

If a student has reoccurring and consistent conduct reports given in a trimester, a parent conference will be scheduled. If necessary, a student will be sent to speak with an administrator. Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.